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As with all businesses, video production is a collaborative process between the client and production company. The client has the expert knowledge of their product/service and information they want to share, and the production company will have better knowledge of how to share it on screen in the most effective, efficient and creative way. It’s a team effort.


At the same time, we have always worked closely with other production companies and professionals and regularly share resources, equipment and personnel. Sharing knowledge, creativity, production methods, practices and technology updates within the industry also helps to keep us and our colleagues fresh and current. This collaboration ensures we can always provide the ideal solutions for our clients.

The third and best form of collaboration for us, though, is enabling associated service companies to expand what they offer through the service we provide. We work with a lot of marketing companies to provide their clients with video as an important part of their marketing campaigns. We also work with many events companies who don’t have in-house facilities to film and edit content to be shown both at the event and after.


For us, collaboration is key to a successful business and we look forward to growing our network and working with many more partners and colleagues in the coming year.


Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.


Happy New Year.

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