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To produce a video extolling the benefits of apprenticeships in the print industry to both attract more apprentices and to encourage politicians to push for increased funding for apprenticeships.


The video had to appeal to both young school leavers and decision makers so the information needed to be concise and believable. With this in mind we interviewed nine print apprentices to inform the audience how an apprenticeship had benefited them and what they had gained from their experience. The video was filmed around an event where the apprentices were in vited to discuss and design a brochure to promote apprenticeships. The look, palette and overall style of the video needed to match the final brochure design so that both could be used together as a marketing package. The camera was kept moving where possible for the cutaways to give the video a dynamic feel. We worked closely with the BPIF, our repeat client for many years, to agree the look of the finished piece.



The finished video was uploaded to the BPIF YouTube channel (where many of our videos can be viewed) and sent as separate .mov and .mp4 files to be used at events and presentations. The BPIF have been and continue to be valued clients due to the success of the many videos we have produced for them. This one, in particular, was an important part of a valuable and successful campaign for them.

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