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To produce two videos for Avicenna Clinic, one 'walkthrough' video to show at the opening of the new clinic to show the facilities and a second to explain the MRI journey a patient would take during their visit to the clinic. The second video can be viewed by clicking on the image below.



The videos had to work both in silent locations and online. With this in mind, onscreen text was used to briefly describe the various medical suites within the clinic and stages of a patient's visit. A camera on a gimbal was used to gather the shot to make the 'walkthrough' approach as stable as possible. We followed a single 'patient' through the clinic to show every stage of their MRI experience. The video was filmed in a High Dynamic Range format to provide more options in the colour grading at the edit stage. Finally, relaxing music was chosen to highlight the calming ethos of the clinic and it's facilities and to show that the patients' experience would be a relaxing one.



The videos were uploaded to the client's website and also delivered on a separate hard drive to be used at conferences and presentations. The client was keen to have further video produced in the future and, with this in mind, interviews were carried out with the clinic staff on the same day to be edited at a later date.

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