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To produce a series of 30 second videos highlighting the winners of the BDPA Book Of The Year Awards. The videos would be watched at the awards on interactive devices as the awards were announced.


The videos had to be no longer than 30 seconds long to be instantly accessible on interactive devices given to attendees at the awards ceremony. The shots had to show the best of each winning book, act as a visual explanation of why each book was chosen and entice the viewer to seek out, pick up and study each book in more detail at the event. Each shot was carefully chosen to show the best of each book and a final screen of the full book alongside the category logo was used to end each video. At the live event, music was not important but as each video woulds also be able to be viewed on the BPIF YouTube Channel, we chose a suitable track to edit the videos to for later viewings online.



The finished videos were uploaded to the BPIF YouTube Channel and sent as individual .mp4 files to be used by the event organisers. This was the first year that this technological approach had been tried and the experiment was very successful, earning each video many more views online following the event.  We continue to work with the BPIF on many video projects for the print industry.

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