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To produce a series of videos, 3 x highlights and 10 x full speaker presentation videos, for the London Business School Conference held in London in April 2019. We have been working with the client to produce videos from the annual conference for several years.


The client's brief was very structured and the highlights video needed to provide a good flavour of the conference with screen time given to all speakers. With this in mind, we filmed the entire day, including the full presentations, on 2 cameras to give us good options for the edits. A director, who had planned the entire production before the event, also attended the summit to ensure the day went smoothly and to direct the 2 cameras. The edits were produced in collaboration with the client to ensure we delivered precisely what was required by the client. Interviews were carried out with several attendees designed to enthuse about the event and attract attendees to future events.



Following several rounds of amends suggested by the client, 13 videos were delivered from the conference. These videos were uploaded to the London Business School ABS YouTube channel and delivered on a separate hard drive. The entire committee was very happy with all of the videos we delivered.

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