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To produce a long form video of the BOSS Federation Event to show both highlights of the day and key points from each of the speakers' presentations.


A good example of how we work closely with clients to produce Event videos. The Conference was filmed with two cameras with interviews and networking cutaways filmed during lunch and break times. At the edit stage we sent a sound file of all the presentations to the client so that they could choose the best sections to include in the edit. This is the usual approach we take as we believe that the client has a much better understanding of the content and what they would like to include than we do. At the same time, we are able to advise the client if any of the content does not work within the overall video as we have a good idea of what general viewers will or won't understand. For this reason, this kind of video is very much a collaborative effort with the conference organisers. Stylish graphic screens were used between each speaker to highlight the quality of the event and speakers' PowerPoint slides were edited into all the presentations at the relevant points.



The finished video was uploaded to the BOSS Federation YouTube Channel. We have produced several videos for the BOSS Federation and continue to work with them as their video supplier.

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