To produce a series of workout videos for Equalibras to promote a healthy lifestyle to combat obesity and diabetes. The videos were to include a series of tutorials to explain how to safely and correctly do each, individual exercise, a Warm Up routine, a Cool down routine and a series of full workout routines.


We worked closely with Olsen Metrix to produce this video series for Equalibras. All videos were presented and carried out by a professional fitness instructor identified and employed by Olsen Metrix for the project. Filming was done on two cameras, one on a fixed wide shot and the second to pick out the details of each routine. The instructor performed the routines to a live music track and music with matching bpm (beats per minute) were overlaid over the routines in the edit. The routines were edited and the voiceover was recorded by the instructor while she watched the routines back to ensure the pacing and script content matched the edited images. We worked closely with Olsen Metrix during the edit to ensure the graphics, palette and style matched the Equalibras brand



The finished videos were sent via ftp to Olsen Metrix who uploaded them to YouTube to be used on the Equalibras website. The project is ongoing with further workout videos required to be produced in the future.

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