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To produce a series of four videos to promote the three ranges of professional, industrial kitchen equipment sold by Grande Cuisine.


We worked closely with marketing company Olsen Metrix on this project. The video was filmed at a hospitality exhibition at the O2 as this was one of the few locations where the entire range of products could be seen together. The videos were filmed very simply due to the restrictions imposed by the location with the information given by an interview with the managing director and appropriate cutaways used to promote the product ranges. Four videos were produced all running at under two minutes in length - one overview video and one each for the three product ranges. The edit was dictated by what we were able to capture at the location. The feel and look of the videos was designed to match the brand. 



The finished video was uploaded to the Grande Cuisine YouTube Channel. The video helped to attract further clients and sponsors and we continue to work with the BPIF as their video supplier.

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