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To produce an explainer video to send to clients and potential investors to explain Barton Blakeley's groundbreaking carbon capture technology. The client wanted the video to be presented by their team and show examples of stored carbon in everyday products, in which their recycled product could be used. 


We filmed the presenters in a studio-style setup. To show how many products their product could be used, we took a simple walk through town with a camera on a stabilised gimbal. We then overlaid tracked text to point out everyday objects that contain captured carbon. Purely informational, we decided not to use music as we felt it would detract from the message. Instead we used subtle, everyday sound effects.



The videos were uploaded to the client's website and transferred separately so that they could send it to potential clients and investors in targeted marketing and to be used at industry conferences and events. The client was extremely happy and eager to have further video content produced by us in the future, including animation content.

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