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To produce a brief, 1 minute video to introduce Greenspur Renewables and their cutting edge technology at a renewable energy conference and to be uploaded to their website and Vimeo page.


The video had to grab the attention in a very short time and designed to introduce Greenspur Renewables in an eye-catching way on their exhibition stand at the conference. With this in mind, we decided, with Greenspur, to use impressive, stock footage from around the world for the greatest impact. This, of course, was more effective and cost efficient than travelling globally to capture the images ourselves for the project. Dramatic, filmic music was chosen to further increase the impact of the images. Finally, brief, descriptive text was added to the images for further explanation on the benefits of the Greenspur product.



The finished video was uploaded to the client's Vimeo account and sent a a separate file to play from their computer at the conference. The video was received extremely well at the conference, the client provided us with a glowing testimonial and suggested that they would be returning in the near future for us to produce more videos for us. 

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