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Working closely with Swift MRP, Arbonne and Prime TV, we were asked to produce a highlights video from the Arbonne Annual Conference, a three-day event held at the NEC, Birmingham. The purpose of the video was to attract colleagues to the next event and as a souvenir for all who attended.


The video had to be upbeat and happy to reflect the party atmosphere at the event itself. The information was given by an on-screen presenter (a change from previous years) and carefully selected interviewees and images had to show attendees having a good time. The pace was fast, cut to up-beat music to add to the party feel.



This was the sixth year we produced the video from the event. The finished videos were uploaded to the client's YouTube account and  separate files were sent for the client to use at presentations. The client stated that all attendees were extremely happy with the celebratory feel of the video, which has been viewed on their channel almost 2500 times. 

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